Salty hair, sandy feet, and no such thing as shoes...

The weekend has passed, but I am reminiscing on a couple of weeks spent on the east coast of Australia. From secret spots to the not so secret spots. From perfect waves to more perfect waves. And remembering that the best things in life aren't always free, but it doesn't need to cost a lot.

The purpose of a van-life adventure is not to find what you are looking for, but having the gratitude of what you already have, and appreciating the new experiences and new adventures along the way. 

It's about seeing things from new perspectives, and breathing in all the little things that already lay before you. Little things creating the big picture, and creating a big adventure. The little things such as; making food from the back of the van's "kitchen", having beers wherever you can find a view, feeling the sea breeze from all angles, sleeping wherever your van can get to, laying under the starry sky, sleepy eyes while the rain hits the van's tin roof, waking up to the sun peeping through the corner of your curtains, finding roads less travelled and paths off the beaten track, wind sculpted beaches, glassy liquid lines with no one in the lineup, splashing dolphins on the search of food, rolling green hills and galloping cattle, the whistles of birds amongst the trees, the sunset painting vibrant colours throughout the skies, and life on the road with your best friend. 

That's just some of the things to breathe in when adventure consists of a bed on wheels, the smallest amount of simple necessities, and an endless world to explore.

The Salty Crown

Nikita Rolleston